Wdb edfund woman working in harvestfield

ED Fund

WDBIH ED Fund provides micro and small businesses loans of between R50 000 to R400 000 in Agriculture, Manufacturing, Waste Management and Recycling, Green Energy, and Specialised Services. In addition, the fund provides non-financial support  working with various strategic industry experts.

  • The idea of the WDBIH ED Fund was formulated in 2012 to respond to the Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) business and financial needs in South Africa, particularly in rural areas.
  • The ED fund collaborates with industry experts to deliver on its mandate of providing loans and business financial support to the MSEs.
  • The key objective for the ED Fund is to provide access to finance and facilitate technical support, business support and access to markets for the entrepreneurs.
  • The ED Fund’s strategic partners provide unique and different input that complements WDB services ensuring a sustainable business and growth path through each intervention.