#EveryWoman #EveryDay - A letter of appreciation from Fowzia Davids

It has always been an aspiration of mine to pursue my Masters in African Development at the London School of Economics. I have always felt that this would be the route that allow me to make the most impactful change in the world. I completed my undergraduate degree in Economics, International Relations, and Media and Writing at the University of Cape Town and this was the start getting my academic career in the right trajectory. I went on to complete my BA Honours in International Relations, and my dream of studying at LSE began to feel more attainable.


I officially started the process of applying to do my Masters at LSE in 2017. The process was challenging and extensive but the prospect of finally being able to attain this goal kept pushing me on.  I was completely overwhelmed when I received that acceptance letter, but then the real challenge began. I had to secure funding to see this Masters through, I would have to face several obstacles before I could reach the other side of the pond. I had applied for dozens of scholarships, approached many organizations, many had turned me down. My dream of studying at LSE and making my contribution to Africa just seemed to move further and further from my grasp.

One organization saw something in me, and felt that I was a woman they could invest in, that organization was the Women’s Development Bank.

I had applied via the recommendation of a friend, who had told me about the wonderful work done by the WDB, empowering women throughout South Africa, and making a lasting impact on Africa. This was the work I wanted to do and the type of organization I wanted to work with.

The WDB provided me with financial assistance towards my fees at the London School of Economics. Without this contribution, I would most certainly not have been able to pursue this Masters, nor would I have met women from across the African continent and share our experiences and visions for making our continent a better place. It was at LSE where I was equipped with the tools to make a difference back home, having learnt as much outside the classroom as I did in it. For me, the experience contributed to my direct development, and provided me with lessons I would not have learnt without this opportunity to study abroad. Most importantly, I feel like I was equipped with the tools to make a difference back home. I am so grateful to the Women’s Development Bank for investing in me, and I look to carry forward the skills I have gained through this experience, as it will allow me to empower other women as I have been empowered.