Leading with Empathy and Determination

WDB intern Tinyiko Nkuna is concerned about the mental health of South Africa’s youth and is doing what she can to make a lasting, positive impact on the lives of others.

Moving the gender equity goalposts

Madumezulu “Girlie” Silinda introduces an initiative that advocates for a 50% target in the representation of women in key leadership positions in government in South Africa

End of Year Message: Faith Khanyile

WDBIH CEO, Faith Khanyile reflects on the year 2021 and gives an account of some of the learnings and collectives wins of the year

The Rose Mamabolo Ripple Effect

A heartfelt, reflective conversation with WDBIH Business Manager, Rose Mamabolo, on overcoming obstacles and walking in purpose.

No is also an Answer/The Power of No

The WDBIH team draws from recent events where prominent athletes prioritised mental health and explore the power of no.

Making Ndebele Magic

Co-founders, Nontokozo Mthimunye and Nelisiwe Mtsweni, have added a contemporary touch to Ndebele beadwork as a salute to their Heritage.

Placing Children at the Centre

Executive Director of OWLAG, Gugu Ndebele, takes us through her upbringing, her mother’s influence and what drives her in the work she does.

Giving Dignity and Growing a Dream

Social Entrepreneurs and founder of Palesa Pads, Shérie ‘Palesa’ de Wet, reflects on her entrepreneurial journey and shares thoughts for the future.

When education support means real results

WDBIH shines the light on the Primestars eduCate programme and its impact on one of the participants, Lehlohonolo Majatjabothata.

Profile: Clement Lebea

WDBIH intern, Clement Lebea reflects on his internship experience and shares his views on the youth unemployment.

Profile: Mahlatse Mafukate

WDBIH recruited intern, Mahlatse Mafukate shares his internship experience, learnings and his hope for the near future.

Gender Pay Gap

As socioeconomic inequalities worsen in South Africa due to the COVID-19 pandemic, women bear the most economic consequences – including a widening gender pay gap.

Women on South African Boards

Diversity in the boardroom makes for more effective and informed decision-making, corporate strategy and governance – but while half the South African population and 45% of the employed workforce are female, only 20% of directors of JSE-listed companies are women.

SCAM WARNING: A pyramid scheme warning

An alert on a pyramid scheme scam that has been operating on WhatsApp using WDB Investment Holdings information to solicit funds.

End of Year Message: CEO, Faith Khanyile

A year end message from the WDBIH CEO, Faith Khanyile, in which she gives an honest account of the past year and hopes for the year to come

In conversation with Tryphosa Ramano

Founder and Director of Magommake Ltd, Tryphosa Ramano, sheds light on the various aspects of tackling GBVF in the workplace

Profile: Julie Nkosi

Julie Nkosi shares a bit about her upbringing, weathering the storms of life, prioritising fitness and a recent promotion.

Profile: Wendy Groenewald

Executive Assistant for the CEO of WDBIH, Faith Khanyile, Wendy Groenewald shares her journey since joining WDBIH in 2016

Managing your Mental Health

The leadership team at WDBIH acknowledges that mental health should be a priority every month of the year.

WDBIH Heritage Month

WDB continues to pivot and reinvent itself as circumstances change. We reflect on and celebrate where we come from as an organisation.

Profile: Dr Luz Helena Hanauer

An interview with Executive Director of WDB Trust and a WDB Investment Holdings board member, Dr Luz Helena Hanauer

Investigating GBV from the workplace POV

How can corporates contribute to the movement against gender-based violence? What is best practice in terms of approaching the issue head-on?

Profile: Ntshediseng Sibeko

An interview with WDBIH Investment Manager, Ntshediseng Sibeko in which she shares her experience since joining the women-led organisation, weathering the COVID storms and hopes for the future.


WDB Investment Holdings (WDBIH) is proud to be an investor in Primestars and one of the sponsors of their EduCate programme

Mandela Month – Education Is The Way

The CEO of WDB Investment Holdings, Faith Khanyile, talks candidly about emotional and physical wellness during lockdown and the importance of creating boundaries during these unpredictable times.

A balancing act

The CEO of WDB Investment Holdings, Faith Khanyile, talks candidly about emotional and physical wellness during lockdown and the importance of creating boundaries during these unpredictable times.

Transparency on pay could close the gap for women

The University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB), has partnered with WDB Investment Holdings, to produce the gender pay gap guide for the already converted as a means to aid responsible managers to implement fair pay practices.

Mental health/resilience in a time of COVID-19

WDBIH CIO, Nicola Gubb, shares how she has managed to preserve her mental health during the South Africa’s COVID-19 induced lockdown.

Navigating the Unknown

WDBIH Business Manager, Rose Mamabolo, writes about working from home and the ability to adapt during the COVID19 lockdown in South Africa.

Resilience is the Way

A letter of encouragement from our CEO, Faith Khanyile during the lockdown announced by the South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa, in efforts to reduce the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

WDBIH Communiqué on Corona Virus (COVID-19)

The COVID -19 pandemic has become an era defining outbreak. We have been tracking the Worldwide [World Health Organization (WHO)] and National (South African Government) developments in order to respond appropriately.

WDBIH & USB Publications Launch Partnership

The University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB), in partnership with WDB Investment Holdings (WDBIH), will be launching two publications focused on women’s workplace equality.

Unpacking Effective leadership – My Top 7 Insights

The concept of effective leadership is fascinating because it depends on context. For me, effective leadership is the ability to influence others to act together in order to achieve a particular objective.

HERStory Donna Rachelson

Donna Rachelson is honest, straightforward and hard-working and doesn’t seem to have the word “small” in her vocabulary. She has come a long way from the little girl who rode her bike (with fairy wheels) through the Bulawayo suburbs to school every morning.

Workplace Wellness Trends

Workplace wellness has gone mainstream, with many corporates realising the importance of having wellness programmes as part of the company offering.
The latest trends are all about holistic wellness – incorporating various aspects of wellbeing to assist employees on all levels.

Looking Back at 2019

A recent trip to Rwanda for the 7th Africa CEO Forum in Kigali was a real eye-opener for me in many ways.

As the city of Kigali prepared for the commemorative events to mark the 25th anniversary of the genocide against the Tutsi, I arrived in the city that I was visiting for the very first time. My arrival at the airport was smooth and efficient, and everywhere I went I was met with warm and friendly smiles.

Reflections on South Africa’s first Freedom Day

Birthdays are a milestone worth celebrating and South Africa’s Freedom Day, on 27 April, is certainly deserving of fanfare. The day holds deep national and personal significance for South Africans around the world, as it heralded in a new dawn for a country previously torn apart by racial and political divisions.

Lessons from Kigali

A recent trip to Rwanda for the 7th Africa CEO Forum in Kigali was a real eye-opener for me in many ways.

As the city of Kigali prepared for the commemorative events to mark the 25th anniversary of the genocide against the Tutsi, I arrived in the city that I was visiting for the very first time. My arrival at the airport was smooth and efficient, and everywhere I went I was met with warm and friendly smiles.

The Importance of Role Modelling

Do you know what a black, female CA looks like?
Only in recent decades have we seen rising numbers of strong, powerful and influential women – and notably black women – role models. From Serena Williams to Wendy Luhabe, Oprah Winfrey to Nonkululeko Nyembezi-Heita, Tumi Morake

Looking Back at 2018

We have almost reached the finish line of 2018, and what a year it has been.

2018 has challenged us in so many ways, and I like to think that the past 12 months have done much to make us stronger.

Tampon tax is just the tip of the iceberg

Tampon tax is just the tip of the iceberg   Tampon tax has finally fallen. This means an immediate injection of cash into the hands – and the households – of women. Right now women have an opportunity to come together to offset both the societal cost of menstruation and a broader gender bias. But…

Let’s Talk Entrepreneurship

At WDBIH we have had the pleasure of working with a number of incredible female entrepreneurs, including our very own Daphne Mashile Nkosi, who started out working for WDB in the very early days earning next to nothing and worked steadily toward becoming the mining magnate she is today.

Let’s commit to redefining the future

“Heritage Day gives us the opportunity to look at where we came from and choose a different future, where poverty and gender inequality are a thing of the past.” – CEO, Faith Khanyile

Entrepreneurship Corner: Upfront with Geneva Kuypers

Geneva Kuypers has the kind of robust energy that fills a room. Her warm personality, friendly nature and aptitude for business are valuable assets for this young businesswoman, who is definitely going places.

Entrepreneurship Corner: Getting to Know Lihle Mgaga

You realise there is something special about Lihle Mgaga moments after meeting her – there is a warmth and empathy she exudes, married to a strong determination and sense of purpose.

RPC Astrapak donates towards WDBIH’s The CEO SleepOut™ challenge sponsorship pledge

RPC Astrapak recently contributed towards the fundraising efforts of WDB Investment Holdings’ Chief Investment Officer Nicci Gubb, who recently participated in The CEO SleepOut™ on Wednesday 11 July 2018.

WDBIH CIO & CFA, Nicola Gubb shares her inspirational story with Money Marketing

WDBIH CIO & CFA, Nicola Gubb shares her inspirational story with Money Marketing Nicola Gubb didn’t always know she’d want to work in the financial services industry. “As a teenager, I had a dream of becoming an aeronautical engineer as I loved flying and the whole space race. Later in my high school career I…

#EveryWoman #EveryDay – A letter of appreciation from Fowzia Davids

It has always been an aspiration of mine to pursue my Masters in African Development at the London School of Economics. I have always felt that this would be the route that allow me to make the most impactful change in the world.

#EveryWoman #EveryDay

It’s Women’s Month, again. To be honest, I have mixed feelings about Women’s Month and Women’s Day.

On the one hand, I enjoy the fact that an extra effort is made to recognise and….

The Youth Dividend – Showing Young Women a World of Opportunity

The Youth Dividend – Showing Young Women a World of Opportunity   In 2016, academics from Boston University and Microsoft Research highlighted how machines are learning bias based on the data they are exposed to; including gender-based stereotypes. Such studies highlight distinct challenges facing women as they enter a crowded, competitive workplace: the lack of…

Taking action in our own lives

Mandela Day is special to all of us who work at WDB. This year it feels particularly meaningful in that our work relates directly to the theme #ActionAgainstPoverty.

Time to get serious about equal pay

Time to get serious about equal pay The gender pay gap is about more than just a number. It’s about an attitude. Earlier this year, in London’s Parliament Square, the UK unveiled the first statue of a woman to appear on this historically significant site. Taking her place alongside the likes of Nelson Mandela and…

Women Driving South Africa’s Growth

The emergence of WDB was based on the understanding that the utilisation of loans/savings and support services would result in the creation of new jobs, an increase in the average income..

WDB Investment Holdings finalises a landmark empowerment deal with Tsebo Solutions Group (Pty) Limited

WDB Investment Holdings (Pty) Limited (WDBIH) has finalised the acquisition of a 25% stake in Tsebo Solutions Group (Pty) Limited (TSG), supported by a funding package provided by Standard Bank of South Africa, a key funding partner to WDBIH.

Giving business a feminine voice

Giving business a feminine voice WDB Investment Holdings CEO, Faith Khanyile, says a more caring and ‘holistic’ business model is the way of the future. A Force for Good Dynamic businesswoman and CEO of WDB Investment Holdings (WDBIH),

Sleeping Out and Changing the World

A transformation catalyst at the boardroom table, Faith Khanyile is certainly not averse to rising to a challenge, both in and out of the Boardroom. So when faced with the opportunity of taking part in The SheEO SleepOut™ to raise funds for the Door of Hope charity*, she was one of the first CEOs to put up her hand and say “count me in”.

Banking on the Unbankable

Say the name Mavis Makukule to former First Lady Zanele Mbeki and her face lights up with pride. “She was our very first client,” says Mbeki. “She is what we like to call the ‘poster girl’ for WDB.”

Leading South African investment firm – owned and run by women for women – reveals how they are doing it for themselves

Mathapelo Mthembu, [25], dreamed of becoming a famous film director. That was until she sat down with her accounting teacher at Mokgome Senior Secondary School in Soweto who gave her insight into the accounting profession and the wonderful world of numbers.

Innovation needed to fast track women entrepreneurs

Women play a substantial role in growing the economy and the lagging participation of women in South Africa’s economy is manifesting in less innovation, fewer exports and fewer jobs being created.

It takes a rural KZN village to raise a businesswoman

Twenty-three years after South Africa’s democracy, just 25% of senior management roles are occupied by women and 34% of the companies surveyed do not have a single woman in senior management.

10 Strategies to help you get noticed at work

Entrepreneur, speaker and author Donna Rachelson shares her top 10 strategies to help you stand out from the crowd at work from her book, “Play to Win – what women can learn from men in business”.

WDB Investment Holdings increase equity stake in Seed Engine to 51%

WDB Investment Holdings (WDBIH) has increased its stake in Seed Engine (incorporating Seed Academy and the WDB Seed Fund) from 35% to 51%, officially confirming Seed Engine as a proudly 51% black women owned company. Venture capital company Grovest is Seed Engine’s second major shareholder with a 30% stake.

Economic Truth and Reconciliation Commission

The deliberations that took place on the first day of the WDB Dialogue, have prompted me to write this piece.Whilst the Truth and Reconciliation Commission was in itself a good idea for the country politically- its main drawback was that it was a political process.

CEO, Faith Khanyile speaks to Leadership Magazine

In 1996, a group of dynamic women started WDB Investment Holdings (WDBIH) with the bold aim of driving women’s economic empowerment in South Africa.

Leadership Lessons

Knowing that what I do at the office every day, no matter how mundane, will have far-reaching effects on the lives of women in South Africa’s rural areas has made all the difference to my career and I know that my colleagues at WDB Investment Holdings and WDB Trust feel the same way.

Empowering women to eradicate poverty in SA

WOMEN Development Businesses (WDB) celebrated its 25th anniversary last week with a dialogue titled Making Poverty History.

It was attended by women from across SA’s socioeconomic spectrum, facilitating sobering discussion on poverty and the ways in which sustainable livelihoods can be created for the poor.

WDB, Grovest take stakes in Seed Engine to develop entrepreneurial businesses

WDB, Grovest take stakes in Seed Engine to develop entrepreneurial businesses Wednesday, 6 July 2016: WDB Investment Holdings (WDB) has taken a 30% stake in Seed Engine (incorporating Seed Academy).

Implementation of 2030 Agenda to be the focus at single largest forum

UN Commission on the Status of Women to outline robust set of actions for translating ambitious development roadmap into reality for women and girls

WDB Chairperson Daphne Mashile-Nkosi named the Most Outstanding Woman in Business

Daphne Mashile-Nkosi has been named the Most Outstanding Woman in Business, in New York – her second award in two months. In July, Mashile-Nkosi, executive chairwoman of Kalagadi Manganese, added the 2015 Africa Female Business Leader of the Year award to her many accolades

WDBIH snaps up Woolworths shares

WOMEN’S Development Bank Investment Holdings (WDBIH) has invested R500m into acquiring shares in Woolworths through a book build process. WDBIH signed a R100m cheque from its own cash resources and leveraged off its balance sheet by using some debt to top up.

Let women give SA’s financial recovery a rock-solid foundation – Infographic

The transformation message from this year’s women’s month can guide us to recovery from the current global financial turmoil, says Faith Khanyile, CEO and co-founder of WDB Investment Holdings.

Finding the Empowerment Edge

Finding the Empowerment Edge Many corporates and financial institutions talk the empowerment talk. But one investment company, WDB Investment Holdings (WDBIH), really walks the talk.Faith-Khanyile-awards From CEO Faith Khanyile